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Scalp Micropigmentation is the best known name for a slightly invasive procedure  that uses tiny ink impressions placed in the scalp to create the look of a full, thicker, robust hairline cut very closely. Each impression is so small it resembles an individual hair follicle, and the effect is so realistic, attractive, and low-maintenance that many are turning to it instead of some of the other alternatives like hair transplants, wigs, chemical treatments or even drugs. Scalp Micropigmention is not just for men although they make up a large percentage of our customers, women also benefit from the procedure too!


Scalp Stippling, also known as Hair Follicle Restoration & Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP) , is a permanent cosmetics procedure for men & women with hair loss, visible scars from a hair transplant procedure or as an alternative to hair transplants all together. It is also used to give Alopecia sufferers back something that was once theirs, a perfectly quafted look of a full head of hair.  This procedure has gained popularity over the years because of it’s cost effectiveness, minimal down time and realistic outcome. With this procedure, scalp micropigmentation covers bald areas by imitating hair stubble. This creates a much more youthful appearance by giving the illusion of a full head of hair with a fashionably “shaved” haircut. It is also fantastic for men and women with a longer hair style but are thinning because it gives the look of thicker/denser hair at the root. Some patients combine scalp micropigmentation with hair transplantation. This creates the appearance of hair density far greater than that possible with the hair transplant procedure alone. This is particularly important in cases when the number of hair follicles available for transplantation is very limited.

Combining Scalp Micropigmentation With A Hair Transplant

It’s almost like getting the best of both worlds. The texture that only real hair can give with illusion of amazing density no matter how much donor hair you have.

Scalp Micropigmentation combined with Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) (The FUT process involves removing a strip of tissue from the back of the head, from which the donor hair follicles will be extracted.)  OR…

Scalp Micropigmentation with Follicular Unit Extractions (FUE)

(The FUE process involves the harvesting of individual hair grafts from the donor area. A circular punch is made in the skin around the upper part of the follicle from the back of the scalp. The location of the donor area lies in the permanent hair zone. It is gently extracted from the scalp and a small hole remains for a few days. The hair follicle is then positioned into the destination area.) Again combined with the density that SMP can provide makes combining procedures a winning formula for a growing number of Scalp Solutions Nashville customers.

Why A Combination Procedure?

Scalp micropigmentation on its own isn’t for everyone. What some people really want is real hair, and SMP cannot provide that. Unfortunately many of these people make poor hair transplant candidates as they have already lost a lot of hair, and therefore have a sparse donor supply. This is where a combination can provide the answer.

Two Options

For those who have lost a lot of hair already, a hair transplant procedure can be used to add texture to a scalp micropigmentation treatment, provided the hair is kept at a shaved length. This means that whilst SMP provides the illusion of full density, the transplanted hair provides real ‘feel’ and texture, and a 3D effect to the overall appearance.

For customers who still have a significant amount of real hair left, it may be possible for them to keep their hair at a longer length and use SMP as a ‘filler’. This is ideal for hair transplant patients who were unable to achieve the desired density of hair following their procedure. This is especially common behind the hairline and back to the crown, as the distribution of donor hair is often prioritized around the frontal hairline.

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