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This is the ONLY guaranteed fix for alopecia. Suitable for alopecia areata, totalis and traction

We have seen this procedure change the process of men and women’s lives. This procedure starts with no warning and usually happens to people without being hereditary bald. Some people will get this periodically throughout their life, some will lose all hair, including eyebrows or patches forever.

At Scalp Solutions Nashville, we take great joy is performing our procedure on men and women with alopecia. We go over native hair as if it wasn’t there, knowing and planning for the fact that these follicles may fall out as well at some point in the future. In other words, we would usually treat your entire scalp, including the areas where you still have hair.

The benefit of this approach is two-fold – your current alopecia symptoms are completely hidden, and you also have peace of mind in knowing that if the patches do change shape or size, or even shift position, you’re still good to go.

This procedure sometimes may take up to 4 treatments to get the total look the client wants to achieve. The results are incredible, and the looks on our clients faces are extremely rewarding.

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