Scalp Solutions Nashville

Over 20 years of experience in the micropigmentation industry. No one in Nashville even comes close! Renewed confidence can be yours with this hair loss solution!

I have to say that I was nervous about trying this procedure on my scalp because it was such a new thing, and because I’ve never heard of it before. Theresa answered all of my questions and immediately put me at ease. She even let me talk to one of her clients, which also made me feel more comfortable. She is very personable, understanding, and she really listens to your needs. My procedure took 3 sessions and she was there for me every step of the way. The outcome was better than I expected! Theresa is one of the few people in the nation qualified enough to give you a real looking head of hair. Also, she is great at covering old hair replacements scars. She is not only a technician, she is an artist. I’ve already told 2 friends and they plan on booking appointments with her soon!!

Tim Tanner

Theresa is great at what she does I would definitely recommend her to anyone who is trying to regain confidence by restoring their hairline!

Bryce Workman

Mrs. Judd did my SMP procedure and I’m very very satisfied. She is very detailed and does excellent work and she makes sure your satisfied each session. She does not rush to get to her next client.

Percy Smith

Theresa is very passionate about Scalp Pigmentation, she plays an active role in international forums about SMP on social media and is respected amongst the community. I’d recommend anyone to her.

Taryn Q.

Miss Theresa did an amazing job with my procedure from start to finish. She even got me in on a Saturday for the final session to make sure the blending and the coverage was done right and the way I wanted.

I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for the permanent solution of scalp micro-pigmentation. She is one of the most professional people I have ever had the pleasure of dealing with and also I’m happy to say I now consider her a friend as well. 5 Stars!!!

Dan Frost

Theresa Judd is an excellent Scalp Micropigmentation practitioner. Her attention to detail is extraordinary, always very attentive to her clients needs. If you’re looking for an artist who achieves thoroughness and accuracy then look no further, Scalp Solutions Nashville is it!

Fernando Cortes